1. Where are you based?
  2. Who do you sell to?
  3. What methods of payment do you accept?
  4. How can I place my orders?
  5. How can I be sure I will receive my goods after I pay?
  6. How do you ship orders?
  7. Can you sell art that is not in your catalogue?
  8. Are all arts offered for sale by Heritage of Africa from South Africa?
  9. Do you supply African arts in bulk?
  10. Is it true that most African art is made from wood?
  11. If I buy African art, will it have a spiritual influence on my house or my business?
  12. What makes Heritage of Africa's products more superior to others that appear similar?
  13. Is Heritage of Africa an authority on African art and can you authenticate and issue certificates of evaluation of African artworks?
  14. If I want to know full details of the item I want to buy e.g. History, Usage, Materials Used etc, can you give it to me?
  15. If I buy an item then I change my mind, can I return it to you?
  16. How long will I wait before I get delivery of my order?
  17. How do I know how much the delivery will cost?
  18. Are there taxes involved in the prices?
  19. What if my delivery contains damaged goods?
  20. If I want to be receiving your newsletter, who can I contact?


  1. We are based in South Africa. Our anchor store is situated in Johannesburg at Sandton City Mall, the economic hub of South Africa. The Store trades under the name: "HILMOND WEAVERS & INTERIORS". We also have three affiliate stores: Two in the Province of Kwazulu Natal and one in Cape Town. The Kwazulu Natal Stores are located as follows: one at Zulu Nyala Heritage Game Lodge and the other at Ushaka Marine World. Both Stores trade under the name "CURIO AFRICA". The Cape Town Store is situated at the V&A Waterfront. It trades under the name "HILMOND WEAVERS GALLERY". Our Warehouse, which handles Export orders and Wholesale / bulk sales, is based in Midrand, 20 minutes drive from Sandton City in the direction towards Pretoria. You can contact us by clicking here

  2. We sell to Individual Buyers, Corporates, Interior Decorators and Museum Curators. We also supply to Shop Owners who buy to re-sell. A whole lot of people are increasingly starting to appreciate the Uniqueness of African art and how it adds value to their living and working spaces. While most Buyers keep the artworks for themselves, others do give it away as ideal gifts and sourvenirs to their friends, family and colleagues at work.

  3. We accept all major credit cards. These include VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS and DINERS. In addition, we accept Electronic Bank transfers into our Bank account by SWIFT as well as other monetary deposits that are convertible and available as legal tender. Payments to us are acceptable only upon issuance of a goods Invoice which has a specific number and the value of goods. We invoice and accept payment in South African Rand, US Dollars, Euro & Sterling Pounds. With prior and confirmed arrangements, we can accept other convertible currencies.

  4. For people that can manage to visit us at our shop in Sandton City, or Kwazulu Natal, you simply walk in without an appointment. Our attendants are well trained to assist clients to choose from the displayed merchandise. For people who cannot visit our stores in person, buying from us is very easy! This website is designed to make your shopping with us extremely easy. Once you log on, you simply browse through our PRODUCTS category and choose whatever you like. On each item, there is a link to a Shopping Cart. The total items you decide to buy will all be added up and loaded into the Shopping Cart. When you are satisfied with your full selection, you click CHECK-OUT. We will in turn e-mail you back and re-confirm your order details as well as dispatch and delivery dates. You may also send in your order request by fax ( +27 11 783 3010 ). For security reasons, we double-check with buyer before we process payment. You will never be charged online untill we have done a final re-confirmation with you.
  5. Heritage of Africa has been in business since 1953. That means that our track record is more than 55 years. But we don't just sit back and bask in the glory of our long history: Instead, we use our massive experience to help us improve on our services. When a Customer wants Artworks shipped to a specific destination, we do everything within our power to ensure that the parcels are despatched as requested. We package the goods and where necessary, crate them either in strong cardboard or designed wooden crate. Every parcel that we ship is insured with a full comprehensive policy which covers loss in transit, pilferage or breakage. In the unlikely event that loss may occur, full compensation is paid to the customer.

  6. We have various methods that we use to send shipments. Each depends on the customer's needs, but is based on size of package and time taken from the moment the parcel is dispatched to the time it is received at destination. The most popular mode of shipment is by Post Office, which dispatches by Airmail or Boat. We also have Courier, which is pretty fast. We also despatch by Airfreight, which deals with heavy and voluminous parcels. Finally we have Sea Freight, which deals with bulk parcels. In consultation with the customer, we always recommend the most ideal method of shipping. We have good relationships and partnerships with reputable shipping agents who ensure that we get the best market rates for shipping.

  7. Yes. Heritage of Africa can undertake to source any item requested by a customer. Having been in African Art business for so many years, (more than 55 years) we know the tribal men and women who sculpt, weave and paint various articles of art. African art comprises thousands of items that are hand-made, but they cannot all be practically put onto our website catalogue. We are widely traveled across Africa and have special relationships with the Artists and Custodians of various Tribal Art. As a customer, you can give us an idea of what you are looking for, whether you have seen it before somewhere or simply enquire if a particular item exists. Our policy on sourcing is: we will travel any road, cross any river, climb any hill and manouvre any geographical phenomena to get what our customers request us to source. If it exists, we will get it!

  8. We deal with African Art from the whole continent of Africa.

  9. Yes. We supply in bulk, especially to customers who have shops, galleries or hold exhibitions. We also supply to Interior Decorators that purchase specific, made-to-order Artworks.

  10. Although majority of the African Art that is widely exposed in the USA and Europe is in Wood, there are numerous other mediums used. Stone, Metal, Fabric, Leather, Palm and Beadwork are examples of other popular mediums of African Art.

  11. No. The African Art we deal with is primarily for Collection and Décor. Some of it is very old and have antique value, but Heritage of Africa does not sell any article with a 'spiritual' significance to it.

  12. The Art that Heritage of Africa deals with is superior in quality and authentic in nature. We take the trouble to get our art from the actual source and endeavor to deal with only the best from every community. At our own workshop, we enlist the services of only the best artists. We have a deep passion for superior African Art and the Artists who do it. The Artworks displayed in our own stores are a testimony to our uncompromising quality. This, however, cannot be said of other African Art dealers, many of who are in it for a 'quick buck' and other reasons. When you buy from Heritage of Africa, you can be sure that you are getting superior quality and at the right price.

  13. Backed by over 55 years experience, Heritage of Africa has now become an Authority in the trade. In collaboration with reputable Circa Dating laboratories and qualified Anthropologists, Heritage of Africa can Authenticate and issue Certificates of Evaluation of African Artworks.

  14. Yes. We have a database for each item we deal with. This includes the History, Usage, Materials used, Execution period and in many cases, the Name and Profile of Artist.

  15. Yes. Provided you alert us within 30 days from purchase date, we can gladly exchange the item with something else of your choice that matches the value. Items that have already been exported into another country and have to be returned to South Africa will normally attract some duties and taxes. This would be determined and would be borne by the customer.

  16. There are various options of Shipping your African Art. We promote five (5) of them and each will depend on the Size, the Weight, and the Urgency. Small & Medium parcels are normally shipped either by Post Office Airmail, which takes three weeks, Post Office Boat Mail, which takes eight weeks and Courier, which takes three working days from dispatch to delivery. Big parcels are normally shipped by Airfreight, which takes two weeks and Sea Freight, also ideal for bulk shipments takes six to eight weeks from dispatch to delivery. These times are approximate guidelines and parcels can sometimes arrive shortly earlier or shortly later.

  17. After we have packed and crated your artwork, we weigh it on a scale and get the mass weight. We also take the crate dimensions and determine the volumetric weight. The carriers charge the higher weight after comparing the two. We thereafter advise the customer how much the shipping will cost and that is what he pays. Due to our many years' experience, we can pre-determine how much the shipping cost can be for an item. This saves on the time and a decision can be made quicker.

  18. All our prices exclude taxes and we do not charge any VAT (Value Added Tax) when we export to you. Fortunately, African Artworks do not attract any Import Duties or Taxes in most countries and even the few countries that charge, the amount is very minimal and is payable when the item is delivered.

  19. All shipments are fully insured. If an item arrives damaged, you should not worry. Inform us by e-mail, fax or phone immediately, detailing the nature of damage. You should also immediately alert the delivering carrier (e.g. Post Office, Airline, Courier or the Clearing & Forwarding Agent), who should sign an Acknowledgement Report of the damaged goods with respective details. You should arrange to have pictures of the damaged item and the packages taken. We in turn lodge a claim with the respective carriers who will offer full compensation within 2 months. You may thereafter decide to have a replacement item sent to you at no extra cost for you or have the monetary refund.

  20. To receive our newsletter, simply send us an e-mail by  clicking here newsletter@heritageofafrica.com We endeavor to update our informative newsletter twice a month (fortnightly) and whenever we have specials or launch new products, we will alert you via e-mail

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