Buying from Heritage of Africa is very easy. We accept all major credit cards. These include VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS and DINERS. In addition, we accept Electronic Bank transfers into our Bank account by SWIFT as well as other monetary deposits that are convertible and available as legal tender. Payments to us are acceptable only upon issuance of a goods Invoice which has a specific number and the value of goods. We invoice and accept payment in South African Rand, US Dollars, Euro & Sterling Pounds. With prior and confirmed arrangements, we can accept other convertible currencies.


Whether you are familiar with our Products or simply browsing, you will discover that the process of buying from us is hassle free and a truly worthwhile experience. Our entire range is classified into 12 categories and appear on the PRODUCTS Menu at the top. Upon clicking the PRODUCTS Menu, a panel opens, displaying the whole range and you can easily follow the desired link until you get to the actual item you wish to buy or know more about. On identifying the item you wish to buy or know more about, click on it over the button with the words: view details. The full information regarding that product will be displayed.


We have included as much information as possible on each product, including the Size, Materials used, Origin as well as a brief Description of the item. Should you wish to know much more about any product featured, just e-mail the request and we will supply you with the information sought. When you have decided on the item you wish to buy, click the Add to Cart button and the item will be added onto your Shopping Basket. This will not mean that your order is finalised yet... but you are almost there!  On our website, we have avoided the open pricing policy in order to limit casual browsers,  spammers and unscrupulous agents. We endeavor as much as we can, to deal with only genuine buyers: serious buyers of African Art are patient enough to want to learn about the Artworks they like to purchase; thus they are happy when we give them  information they need in order to make an informed decision. We take each enquiry very seriously, thus upon receiving the Price Request  e-mail, we respond back and give you the best price possible and shipping options. 


When you are satisfied with your selected items already inside the Shopping Basket, you simply click  the CHECK OUT button. You may buy as many items as you desire in one session, they will be added up to get one total.  After you CHECK OUT, the order will be dispatched to us immediately. We will promptly send you an e-mail to confirm that we have received your order: As an additional security measure, we will send you an e-mail and request you to re-confirm your order by return e-mail; This personal communication between you and us is to ensure that there is no breaching of your confidentiality. We will also give you an Order number which we will quote at all times during the processing of your order. We will also advise you on shipping details i.e. Expected Date of Despatch and Expected Date of Arrival to you. Your order will be shipped to your requested destination. You may want your goods be despatched to different destinations; for example to family and friends that don’t stay with you… we will do it: just give us their names and full  address.


Security is of utmost importance to us. For this reason, we will NOT require you to give us Credit Card information immediately; such details are only requested at a later stage, by SECURE E-MAIL. Should you wish to register as a Regular Buyer from us, we will allocate you a personal access code. When you register as a Regular Buyer, you will qualify to be receiving many benefits which include specials and discounted prices. You may click here to Register as a Regular Buyer. When you are registered with us, your information is stored in our secure files and the buying process is quicker.


and confirmed arrangements, we can accept other convertible currencies.

We keep updating this site and adding new exciting PRODUCTS on a regular basis. Please keep checking. Should something you like has been snapped up by another client before you have made your decision, you should not give up … rather give us the honour to source another one for you. As you are aware by now, African Art is very unique … no two items are ever the same, even when they might look similar. Your chosen item will always be exclusive to you.




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