At our Shipping Division, our key job is to ensure that every item purchased by our customers arrives at its destination intact. We delight in knowing that the precious pieces of art get to their new home safely. Once despatched from our Warehouse, we advise you the Waybill number supplied by the carrier. Before we release it to the carrier, we take digital pictures of the package and track its movement through dynamic tracers until it is delivered to you. We  keep you updated with the location of your shipment until you receive the goods.

PACKAGING We package all shipments at our own Warehouse. From the small items to huge collector pieces, our experienced staff, who are highly trained in handling and packaging methods, have the know-how and considerable care is taken throughout the whole process. We mainly use air bubble wrap and shredded paper to cushion the artworks, then package into corrugated carton boards suitable for International Export. Depending on the particular item, we also tailor-make special wooden crates as well as paletted crates to ensure maximum safety. Appropriate labeling is done and the name and address given to us by the Customer appears on the package. We affix labels marked:  "FRAGILE - HANDLE WITH CARE" so that Shipping Authorities should always be on the alert while handling our shipments. Packaging time may vary from 1 day to 2 weeks depending on the size and quantity of goods. Packaging service is offered for free to all our customers! Where required, we also perform the legally mandated fumigation and provide the necessary documentation.

WEIGHT: The Shipping Authorities require both the Actual Weight and Volumetric Weight of the package and whichever is higher of the two is the one that is charged. The two weights are established as follows;

  • Actual Weight - Weighed on a scale directly.
  • Volumetric Weight - Measurements are taken in Centimeters and calculated as per: Length x Width x Height, then divide by 6000. The figure arrived at is the Volumetric Weight in Kilograms.

MODES OF SHIPPING  AND COSTS: There are five commonly used modes of International Shipping and depending on the type of goods and time frame to transport and deliver them, the customer may choose any one of them; Shipping costs will thus differ greatly according to destination, dimensions, and weight but due to our vast experience, we are able to quote to you promptly.  Upon your confirmation of your needs and time frame requirements, we shall proceed accordingly. We package, crate and deliver to the nearest Port of Departure in South Africa at our cost. The buyer pays for Shipping costs from Port of Departure to Port of Arrival at own country. We can also arrange for door-to-door delivery so that you will not need to personally engage with the clearing exercise. Depending on Quantity and Value of your order, we can negotiate for excellent shipping rates with the Carriers and Shipping Agents.


  • Airmail:  For small and medium packages dispatched via Post Office and delivery is door-to-door. The size should not exceed Crate dimensions of: 120cm Height x 60cm Length x 50cm Width. Delivery time taken varies from 3 weeks to 4 weeks from date of dispatch.
  • Surface Mail:  For small and medium packages dispatched via Post Office and delivery is door-to-door. The size should not exceed 120cm Height x 60cm Length x 50cm Width. Delivery time taken varies from 6 to 7 weeks from date of dispatch.
  • Courier:  For small and medium packages delivered door-to-door. This is ideal for urgent deliveries. The time taken is 2 to 3 working days from time of dispatch in Africa to delivery to your country. Most international couriers are represented. They include DHL (Document Handling Limited), UPS (United Parcel Services) and FEDEX (Federal Express), among others.
  • Airfreight:  For large packages where the mode of transport is by scheduled Aircraft carriers. Delivery is made at the nearest Airport and the Consignee appoints a clearing broker or personally collects the shipment. Delivery time varies from 1 week to 2 weeks from date of dispatch.
  • Seafreight:  For large packages where the mode of transport is by scheduled Sea Liners (Boats).  Goods are sent by container ( 20foot or 40foot ) and delivery is made to the nearest Seaport or Inland Container Depot. For importers buying goods in bulk for own use or possible re-distribution, this mode is very ideal. Minimum Quantities apply. Arrival time varies from 6 weeks to 8 weeks from date of dispatch.


INSURANCE AND CLAIMS:  All shipments are fully insured in your name against loss, breakage or pilferage. In the rare case of a problem, a claim can be made at the delivery point. For details of our full refund return policy and other details, please refer to FAQ#19


CUSTOMS: Customs regulations vary from country to country. Our shipments are accompanied by all the necessary documents required by most countries. Art and Hand made crafts such as ours do not attract customs duty in many countries. Customs and clearance duties are not included in the sale price.


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