Heritage of Africa endeavors to offer a service that exceeds our client expectations by providing Genuine and Authentic African Art. We subscribe to Fair Trade and Ethics, thus each Artist or person involved with the Origination or Process of the Work is adequately compensated pro-rata with the sold items.


Heritage of Africa is ecologically conscious and we respect both fauna and flora. Only sustainable resource is used in our entire production. For all tribal antiques and accessories, we only deal with items that we do not damage or interfere with the cultural heritage of the individuals or groups involved. Each item is thus acquired by mutual consent and reimbursed for in full.

At Heritage of Africa, we have a policy that by giving excellent service and products to our clients, they become not only our customers, but friends too. Their satisfaction remains a key goal, thus completing the chain with the Artists and Suppliers, whom we are already good friends with. This philosophy is called "Ubuntu" in Africa. Loosely translated, it means that "we are who we are because of others that impact our lives and whose lives we must make it our mission to impact"...


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