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In the tribes of Africa, dolls play a very important role. While some are created primarily for decorative purposes, others have deeper cultural significance. Heritage of Africa specializes in both Traditional and Contemporary Dolls and Statuettes. We collect and market pieces that Celebrate Life and Creativity. Amongst our most popular dolls are from the Ndebele Tribe of South Africa, The Baule and Ashanti of  West  Africa, The Maasai of East Africa and the Karanga of Congo. In the modern world, African Statuettes are used for décor in both homes and offices.  Some artists have learnt the skill to modify statuettes to be used as Functional Art: A good example is the Butler men who can be placed strategically and helpfully in the House, Office or Hotel… providing the most amazing creation! We work with Individual Artists and Village groups who are quality conscious in their work while at the same time retaining  cultural authenticity. If you have a specific request, please e-mail us and we promise to work with you to meet your specific need.

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