Ethnic Jewelry

African Jewelry is Beautiful, Vibrant and Creative. From necklaces, bracelets, bangles, ear-rings, amulets, head-bands and belts, all our jewelry are individually hand made and  authentic in design. Each piece is individually hand made with great passion and dedication. Our huge selection will complement your wardrobe; Some will make tremendous conversation pieces with your friends and admirers. We support many individual crafters and groups of women jewellers in different parts of Africa. We endevour to deal with those pieces that are most appealing, bearing in mind our clients who will wear them on a regular basis or during important occasions.

In addition to personal adornment, some African Jewelry is symbolic and can be collected as pure African Art.  We trust that you will enjoy the collection we have put here. If you would like something different or very elaborate, we can work with you: just send us your request and we will confirm what we are able to get:

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