Framed Art

Box-frames… Shadow boxes! The best way to preserve precious African Art is to frame it. Commonly known as Box-frames (because of the box at the back), they also go by the name Shadow Boxes (due to the shadows the artworks create when light is shone on them at an angle). We have hundreds of pieces to choose from but here, we can only present a few of our most popular ones. They include African Masks, Statues, Ornamental Articles and Carvings.

Our framing is art in itself. From the Authentic African article, the mounting boards in front, the quality of materials at the back, we ensure that the colour scheme of both the framing and art are well matched. We use excellent frames that blend with the subject to achieve only the best results. Box-Framed Art will beautifully adorn any home, office or hotel room. Feel free to enquire or suggest anything you may have in mind that you would like to see box-framed: We’ll be happy to accept the challenge.

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