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Masks and other Tribal Articles play a significant role in the lives of African people. From Wedding ceremonies, Kings’ annual dances, Celebration-of-a-good-harvest, the Welcoming of a newborn child, Preparation of War and Celebration of Wars Won, Masks in particular have been commonly used. Besides Masks, there are other Articles which have been used by Africans over the ages. Some of the Antiques and Masks we carry are old and used; They range from 30 years (one generation) to an average of 90 years (3 generations). We also carry rare articles that are extremely old; 300+ years for some Benin Bronze Figures and NOK Clay figures. Such items carry a Certificate of Authenticity from Reputable Circa Dating Laborotaries.

We can only present a limited number of articles on this Website. We accept challenges from our clients to source rare Tribal Articles from Africa: We will travel the Valleys, Hills and Plains of Africa and get it for you... if it exists.

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