Ebony Sculptures

Ebony is rated as one of the most precious and sought after woods. Its the hardest of all woods. Artists who carve pieces out of Ebony must be patient, creative and brave. We deal with some of the best artists in Africa. The reputed topmost are the Makonde. Their fine sculptors are well known for two kinds of abstract artworks: "Ujamaa""Mawingu" ( also referred to as "Mashetani" ). Other popular Ebony sculptures are the realistic type: Statues of People and Wildlife.

All the items we deal with are of superior quality and workmanship: Many hours go into executing them: from the moment work begins on a sculpture up to its completion. Some Masterpieces can take several years to execute. Our range of Ebony sculptures is very wide and because we can only present a limited collection on this website, please feel free to send us your specific requests by e-mail: we will confirm to you what is possible and what we can do.

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