Ostrich Eggs

Ostrich Eggs shells... hard, durable and beautiful! Our range of Painted, Decoupage, Scrimshaw carving and a specially Cooper emborsed design is wide and very beautiful. Starting with the selection of sizes of the plain shells, which we ensure are big and well formed, we work with some of the most creative Artists in South Africa.

The San tribesmen – also refered to as 'Bushmen' have always used the shells as water containers. They drill a small hole on one end and once the inner is consumed, the shell is cleaned and left to dry. In the Karahari desert, the weather is very hot...but water poured into the shell and buried in the sand remains cool all the time.  Today, majority of the shells are used for décor. We also stock a wide rage of stands to support the eggs, ensuring that you can get the right combination to decorate that special spot in your House or Office.

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