Wooden Giraffes

The Giraffe... the Long necked beauty! The African giraffe is an amazing member of the Animal Kingdom. The way they walk, feed, gaze and play, all done with grace and style has continued to inspire many artists in Africa: they immortalize them by sculpturing beautiful designs and sizes. We support some of the most outstanding artists around Africa. The choice woods include Mahogany, Ironwood, Rosewood and Jacaranda. Some sculptures are painted to give them a natural giraffe look, others are decorated with ellaborate beads to give them a fun look. Giraffes sculptured in Ironwood and Rosewood are not painted: they are finished in great skin detail to illustrate superior workmanship – the work of Masters!

A wooden giraffe is a wonderful item to own - create a "piece of African jungle" at home or in the office. Should you have in mind a specific design or size besides what we have here,  feel free to e-mail us, we will confirm to you what we can do.

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