Zulu Baskets

Zulu basketry is a unique art done by the Zulu tribe of South Africa. Every basket is individually hand woven using the leaves of African Palm (Hyphaene Coriacea). These watertight baskets are finely woven in vibrant colours. Vegetable dyes from roots, berries, bark and leaves are used to colour the palm leaves. Traditionally, these baskets were used for the storage of local beer ('umqoboti') and grains. Different shapes, colours and patterns have a meaning, the most common being "The Marriage Basket".

At Heritage of Africa, we endevour to deal with only the very best baskets. There are no two baskets that are identical. Our collection is relatively huge and should what is presented on our website does not meet your needs, kindly let us know and we will e-mail you pictures of other available baskets so that your final choice is made easier.


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