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Ebony Wood Rare Makonde Family Tree Masterpiece (Close Up Middle Front View)

Code: H71188B
Origin: Mozambique
Materials of item(s): Ebony Wood
Size: 68cm x 54cm x 310cm
Weight: 275Kg

Notes: The Makonde artworks are in a class of their own. Mainly executed in Ebony wood, one of the hardest woods, the Makonde artists have a style that is unique to them. The family tree, also known as the "Tree of Life", is art that depicts the family, with each member engaged in a different activity, but at the same time interconnected to the other. Some pieces take a few weeks, others several years to complete. The inspiration to work on each piece can come through a "dream" or "vision" as some Artists acknowledge. An ebony Family tree is one artwork that lovers of African Art or Serious Collectors should always consider as part of their collection. A full profile is available with each piece sold.

Price: P O A

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